U-TOP™ CMV Detection / Quantification Kit

U-TOP™ CMV Detection Kit

U-TOP™ CMV Quantification Kit

Product review

A cytomegalovirus is a sort of herpesvirus which is the most frequent congenital infection which occurs in about 1% of new born babies throughout the world. U-TOP™ CMV Detection / Quantification Kit is the test reagent for the qualitative and quantitative analysis through the real-time PCR technique after the extraction of DNA from the blood plasma and urine of a patient with suspected infection.

U-TOP™ EBV Quantification Kit

Reagent for quantitative detection of Epstein-Bar virus

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Epstein-Bar virus (EBV) belongs to Group 1 carcinogens, which causes stomach cancer as well as infectious mononucleosis. U-TOP™ EBV Quantification Kit adopts PCR which enables identification of any detection of DBV as well as quantitative measurement by separating DNA from the serum of a patient suspected to be infected with EBV.